DATA 340-02 - Network Science

Spring 2023: Tuesdays/Thursdays 03:30 -– 4:50 pm, Integrated Science Center, room 1111

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Course Overview

Network Science – Networks are everywhere in our lives: networks of friends on social media, the Web, networks of neurons in our brains, etc. It’s amazing that such a simple representation — dots and lines — can capture a variety of relationships, whether simple or complex.

Catalog Description: In this course, we will survey a broad range of fundamental topics in network science, relevant to students from data/computer science and engineering, informatics, business, biology, physics, statistics, social sciences, etc. For example, we will explore the properties of social networks and the key role of hubs, and how directed and weighted networks affect the spread of information and misinformation in social media. These topics are important and useful in many job sectors from marketing to technology, management to design, and from biology to the arts and humanities.

Prerequisites: CSCI 140 OR DATA 140 OR CSCI 141 OR DATA 141 OR C141 1.


DATA 340-02 (undergraduate) section:

  • CRN 26422 - Integrated Science Center, room 1111