DATA 440-03 - Web Science

Fall 2022: Tuesdays/Thursdays 09:30 -– 10:50 am, Integrated Science Center, room 3280

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Course Overview

The Web has fundamentally changed how we learn, play, communicate, and work. Its influence has become so monumental that it has given birth to a new science: Web Science, or the science of decentralized information structures. Although Web Science is interdisciplinary by nature, this course will be focus mainly on the computing aspects of the Web.

Catalog Description: Provides an overview of the World Wide Web and associated decentralized information structures, focusing mainly on the computing aspects of the Web: how it works, how it is used, and how it can be analyzed. Students will examine a number of topics including: web architecture, web characterization and analysis, web archiving, Web 2.0, social networks, (creating/detecting) social bots, intelligence, search engines, web mining, information diffusion on the web, Semantic Web, etc.

Prerequisites: CSCI 140 OR DATA 140 OR CSCI 141 OR DATA 141 OR C141 1.


DATA 440-03 (undergraduate) section:

  • CRN 16930 - Integrated Science Center, room 3280