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Many graduate level courses assume that students are familiar with the Unix (or Linux) computing environment and have good experience programming, especially in Java, C++, and/or web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). Students are strongly encouraged to consult the syllabi for their upcoming semester’s courses to see what skills are required and to go through the corresponding materials listed below to prepare themselves before the semester begins.

ODU-CS Computing Environment

These links will help you to get set up once you arrive on campus.

ODU MIDAS Accounts and Access – info on setting up ODU MIDAS account and wireless network access

ODU-CS Account Setup


Visual Studio Code




Programming Topics


In many of your courses, you will be asked to write (reports, papers, summaries). Here are some resources that might be helpful.

  • Resources from ODU’s Writing Center:
  • OWL (Online Writing Lab), Purdue University
  • Dr. Grammar, University of Northern Iowa – this site is no longer available on the live web, but the link will take you to an archived version
  • How to Write a Summary –

Online Course Webpages

These are web courses with all lecture notes publicly available.

CS 252 (Introduction to Unix for Programmers)

CS 312 (Internet Concepts) – web programming basics (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP)

CS 333 (Programming and Problem Solving in C++) – combines CS 150 and CS 250 (Programming and Problem Solving I and II)

CS 361 (Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms) – good preparation for CS 600 (Algorithms and Data Structures)

CS 382 (Introduction to Java)

CS 390 (Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science) – good preparation for CS 500 and CS 600

Thanks for Dr. Zeil for helping to compile these resources